Death is on the rise.

Game date: July 6, 2010


  • True Love is out there somewhere. Hayne Kasar has given the PCs a Black Feather of the Raven Queen as a token of his love for Sharaea and asked them to help him search for her.
    Reward: unkown

  • Dajaani’s symbol of Pelor should be returned to Ryazan, a secluded but significant temple in the old tiefling empire of Bael Turath, for a reward.
    Reward: unknown

  • Find the Karak Lode and report any information of the lost mine to Bram Ironfell in the town of Overbrook.
    Reward: 1,000 gp (half in gold, half in gems) as an upfront payment for undertaking the search.

  • Help Nimozoran the Green stop his troubling dreams by finding Kravakos in the Winterbole Forest.
    Reward: 2,500 gp once the PCs return with information about Kravakos and a way to stop the dream visions from returning.

For nearly a century Lydia had watched as foolish adventurers wandered into the tomb to plunder its riches and everyone of them had failed. But she was beginning to have a unusual appreciation for the PCs after they had defeated the bloodkiss beholder and rescued her doll. She had offered to help the characters open the door to Mauglurien’s chamber since he was just beginning to move a few score of his undead to the Shadowfell, but the PCs had to admit that they needed a rest after all the fighting they had just survived…mostly.

The PCs set off in search of the tomb room of the three von Kirstner brothers as Lydia advised. Felian’s tomb, she told them, was the safest place for them to rest before confronting Mauglurien, and the eldest son’s greatsword,“Death’s Chill”, might also help them in their battle against the dwarf and his undead.

Lydia showed them how to get passed the sentries along the way to the tombs, but offered little help to the characters as they tried to determine which was the tomb of Fieran. This, she had decided, was their final test for her to determine if they were worthy adventurers. The tombs of the three sons were unmarked save the von Kirstner crest carved in stone over the doors. Delvan’s tomb was obvious with its crest shrouded, hinting at his dishonor for killing his brother. The remaining two were similar, and the characters discussed the subtle differences as they referred to the Adventurer’s Journal for clues. After some time, they were finally able to make their best guess and opened the tomb doors. Luckily, they were right.

Berend retrieved the sword from Fieran’s mummified corpse after sliding the lid of the sarcophagus aside. Lydia agreed to keep an eye on Mauglurien and to come get them if it looked like he was finishing his lengthy ritual. The characters desperately needed to recharge, but they definitely didn’t want the princess to be sacrificed if they could help it. As the PCs closed themselves in Fieran’s small tomb, they all noticed an unnatural peace course through their bones and the weariness of the last couple of days seemed to melt away.

Dreams came quickly to those who slept. They were pleasant, encouraging dreams where all things were possible and everything worked as planned. Thia even dreamed of being reunited with her missing sister, Kakashtari, in some unknown future. In no time everyone was up and feeling fully revived. The PCs had little idea what they would be going up against, but for the first time they felt ready for anything.

A deep, gravelly chanting could be heard coming from the darkness that filled the back half of the chamber as the characters entered through the doors. Torch light illuminated two priests nearby as they watched the shifting shapes that lumbered toward a portal glowing in the blackness before them. Despite their preoccupation, the priests easily noticed Remmy and Mogryn trying to sneak up on them in the flickering torch light. The battle had begun.

The priests put up a decent fight, but it was Mauglurien’s captain, a battle wight, that gave Mogryn the most trouble. The wight’s unholy sword slowly drained the life from the gnoll with each stroke that pierced his mottled fur. Mog struggled to fight off the debilitating power of his opponent and attacked as if his life depended on it.

Mauglurien’s ritual had been disrupted by an attack by Tavar. Once the dwarf recovered from the strain the ritual exacted on him, he fought to teach the meddling adventurers a lesson. Even weakened, Mauglurien was able to parry most of the better attacks from Berend and Remmy and Tavar and Thia’s powers had little effect. The dwarf’s skill and experience were more than the characters had expected and they were paying the price.

At nearly the same moment, the PCs all realized that the princess was still in danger. She hadn’t moved since they had engaged Mauglurien, but it was obvious she hadn’t been sacrificed yet either. The dwarf saw their intentions and drove his obsidian dagger deep into the unconscious girl’s heart. Berend quickly grabbed a potion of healing and poured it down her throat, as Tavar lifted her from the altar out of further harms way.

The portal to the Plane of Shadow was failing. Mauglurien was confident that he could defeat these young do-gooders, but what was the point. He had other options for raising his army of undead and there were scores of zombies on the other side he needed to deal with. He would seek his vengeance another day. He had a good memory, a reliable network to track the adventurers down and fair supply of hate. It would only be a matter of time before they paid for their interference.

Meanwhile, Mogryn’s spirit was being tested. He saw an opportunity to follow Mauglurien through the portal, but the gnoll couldn’t muster the energy to break from the wight and pursue. Mogryn was overcome with despair and frustration that his quarry was escaping and it cost him. The wight seized the opportunity to defend his master and it struck Mogryn down where he stood.


  • By all indications, Mauglurien is in the service of Orcus, The Blood Lord.
  • Mauglurien’s ultimate goal is to gather enough undead and storm the holy temple of Zvormarana on the edge of Letherna to kill or capture the Raven Queen. Orcus will then take her place in the pantheon either with her as his consort or over her dead body.
  • Mauglurien appears to be conspiring with someone named Ghovran who is traveling to the region around Nentir Vale.
  • Ghovran is planning to help the dwarf build his army of undead by slaughtering the village of Nenlast and raising the victims.
  • Ghovran has cautioned Mauglurien to be careful as he carries out his plans so as to not attract the attention of Elder Arantham.


“My Three Sons” (1100 xp)

  • Three tombs, one choice (Puzzle)

  • Treasure: Soul Sword “Death’s Chill” (Berend).

“Big Man On Campus” (2500 xp)

  • Mauglurien (1) [Knowledge: unkown

  • Battle Wight (1) [Knowledge: unkown

  • Elite Orcus Underpriest (1) [Knowledge: unkown

  • Crimson Acolyte (1) [Knowledge: unkown

  • Pack Zombie (6) [Knowledge: unkown

  • Treasure: lodestone of the planes (Thia), and Letter to Mauglurien.

Quest Reward: “Save The Princess” (1000 xp)


Each character (including Furmar) earned 920 XP for “My Three Sons”, “Big Man On Campus” and “Save The Princess”.

    Total character experience: 11,067

    Experience needed to 8th level: 1,933




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