Some things should never be disturbed.

Game date: October 21, 2011
Sword wraith
…continued from Session 42

Travok went mano a mano with one of the Shadow Hook Horrors as Berend was across the room protecting Thia from a second Horror. Meanwhile, the Young Shadow Hulk was slowly backing away from the combined attacks of Heskan and Tavar in an adjacent hallway. The seemingly defensive retreat revealed itself to be more of a cunning set up for the warlord and psion when the Eye of Frost beholder floated around the corner shooting icy rays at the heroes.

Berend caved the head of one horror with such force that thick, brown blood and chunks of chitinous bits splattered upon the nearby walls. Thia summoned a spiritual sword to finish off the battered remains of the other horror that Travok left. Then all the PCs directed their combined force to the beholder and the shadow hulk. The severely wounded hulk soon fell from a blow from Berend’s legendary hammer, Angalia. Heskan and Travok slipped into position against the beholder. “Travok,” Heskan called out to the dwarf. “On my command, go low with everything you’ve got while I hit high and let’s end this thing once and for all. Now!” Axe and sword ripped the beholder in two with such force that hide and guts sprayed across walls, ceiling, floor and heroes in a shower.

The PCs wandered further into the frozen dungeon of the Fortress at the End of the World. A sepulcher for long-dead tieflings could be seen in the dark shadows beyond a vile and wicked shrine. Obsidian succubi statues stood on the altar with arms raised to offer sacrificial babes to an unknown demon for unspeakable rites. Thia was unimpressed. Mausoleums meant treasure free for the taking and the cleric was was done wasting time. Her orb pushed back the darkness as she strolled in among the sarcophagi.

The undead were not so willing to let go their valuables without a fight. Wraiths of various kind and ability quickly swarmed the room crowding around Berend, Travok and Heskan. The wicked risen tiefling Sword Wraith evidently held onto his hatred for his dragonborn enemy as he moved to single out Heskan. The vicious onslaught from the sword wraith and the necrotic aftermath from the death throes of an Oblivion Wraith finally overwhelmed the warlord. Heskan collapsed to the ground but luck and Thia’s divine interference saved him from a worse doom.

The battle with the wraiths took every ounce of energy the heroes had left. Their job of stopping Ikar was still far from over, but one thing was certain…they would need to rest before they tried to tackle anything else. So, they made their way back to find a place to recharge. They could only hope that they wouldn’t be too late to stop a lich from doing something very, very stupid when they woke up later.


  • Nothing of any campaign importance.

“Cold Shadows” (4,600 XP)

  • Young Shadow Hulk
  • Shadow Hook Horror (2)
  • Beholder Eye of Frost

  • Treasure: none

“Nessus Shrine” (5,000 XP)

  • Oblivion Wraith
  • Sword Wraith
  • Shattered Wraith (3)

  • Treasure: Pursuer’s Boots [Travok] and an Elemental Prism [Heskan]

Each character earned 1,920 XP for “Cold Shadows” and “Nessus Shrine”

  • Total character experience: 40,502
  • Experience needed to 14th level: 5,498



    • The Tears of a god is causing a bit of trouble in Wellspring, a small town to the north of Fallcrest. The heroes must investigate the threat, retrieve the Tear and return it to the followers of Ioun for proper protection. Tavar also knows this is a key element to his quest as well.
    • The Disciples of Orcus have been hard at work trying to raise an army of undead. Mauglurien is their most visible champion to lead those forces in the name of Orcus against the Raven Queen. With the Spinner of Fate defeated, they hope to elevate the Demon Prince of the Undead to her vacant throne.
    • Tobolar Quickfoot has a Get Well Wish that he hopes the heroes can deliver. His master, Nimozoran the Green rots away in basement of Septarch’s Tower after he went stark-raving mad from haunting nightmares from Karakos. The PCs must find a miracle to bring the wizard back from oblivion.
    • True Love is out there somewhere. Hayne Kasar has given the PCs a Black Feather of the Raven Queen as a token of his love for Sharaea and asked them to help him search for her.
    • Dajaani’s symbol of Pelor is worth an unspecified reward if returned to Ryazan, a secluded but significant temple in the old tiefling empire of Bael Turath.


    • Tavar: – Let My People Go: Liches have been turning Tavar’s people into living phylacteries, trying to tap into their “powers” for their lifetimes of memories. Tavar is on a quest to eliminate the liches and undo the foul ritual that has his people imprisoned.
    • Thia: – Sisterhood: Kakashtari, Thia’s sister, has been abducted by unknown captors for reasons unclear. Recent discoveries suggest that the winter-touched, members of the Winter Court may be involved. Thia is bound by sisterly love to find out what happened to her sister.


    • I just have to say that I am liking the encounters much better with the new expressions for monster damage. And maybe it’s tougher monsters in general, or possibly that I am running the monsters more effectively, or even a combination of all the above. All I know is that the level-appropriate encounters are finally a challenge. Heck, I used to be excited when I bloodied a PC in an fight. This last session had to be the bloodiest battle to date. I’m not interested in killing any of the heroes, but I do want the successes to actually mean something.
    • And sorry for the sucky Adventure Log this time. It just about does it, but it’s definitely not my best.