True Love

Party’s Quest
Reward: Major quest reward
Status: Ongoing

True love has been reborn. Hayne Kasar has given Thia a token of his bond with Sharaea and asks the PCs to look for her in their travels. They must keep their search low-profile in case the Sun Prince is still bitter about their love. It’s possible agents of the Prince are still looking for them.

Hayne and Sharaea didn’t mean to fall in love, but love is as love does. Knowing they may never know peace, they struck a bargain with the Raven Queen: they would be removed from existence for a time to let the Prince’s passion fade, and then be reborn when the Raven Queen called on their debt.

Now, they have been reborn, but not together or possibly at the same time. Hayne now searches the World to be reunited with Sharaea. Hayne has asked the PCs help to find her and tell her he is looking for her.

True Love

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