Let My People Go

Tavar’s Quest
Reward: Major quest reward
Status: Completed

Tavar’s deva family and friends were abducted to be used as living phylacteries by a coven of lich’s known as the Cult of Thoresh. A traveling band of halflings, known as the Order of the Hand, were their allies or, more to the point, their slaves. Tavar is determined to hunt down the liches and halflings to put an end to their evil plan. He also searches for a ritual to undo the binding of the liches and free his people.

Bazuul Thoresh was the mastermind behind the cult as well as originator of the ritual that he then taught to his lich followers. While he has apparently been taken out by one of his lieutenants, a lich named Ikar, the ritual over the deva’s is still in effect. That, and Ikar still lives…exists. For now.

Tavar now has possession of the ritual book containing Living Vessel that bound the captive devas as phylacteries. It will be a long and arduous undertaking to learn the ritual’s secrets and unravel them to undo the ritual.

Let My People Go

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