Some eladrin sages claim that the Feywild is the dream of the natural world itself. The Feywild is in many ways indistinguishable from the natural world. However, like a dream, the Feywild is a dangerous, vibrant reflection of the familiar. The geography of the Feywild parallels that of the mortal realm, if loosely. Various mountains, rivers, and seas on the natural world are found on the Feywild. However, the distances between landmarks in the Feywild—and the landmarks themselves—are often distorted.

Mortals come to this perilous realm to tap into the arcane powers that course like unseen rivers of magic through the wild landscape. Some wish to negotiate secret knowledge from the eladrin; some battle fey who inflict their capricious cruelties on innocents in the mortal world. Others seek to plunder magic artifacts still buried in the wreckage of crystal cities abandoned by the eladrin during the war with the drow. The dizzying forests, storm-kissed seas, and cloud-sheathed granite peaks of the Feywild hold countless mysteries for those with both the courage and cunning to survive.

Within the Feywild are places referred to as fey demesnes(pronounced “domain”), which typically manifest in locations where two or more ley lines meet. A fey demesne attunes itself to the most powerful denizen that dwells within its boundaries (usually but not necessarily a fey creature), altering its environs to reflect the mood or disposition of that creature. For example, a demesne inhabited by a heartless death hag might be rimed with perpetual frost, while a tower inhabited by a mad goblin mage might be overgrown with twitching, grasping vines of some unnatural hue.

Demesnes do not form empathic links with the creatures to which they attune themselves, and such creatures exhibit no direct control over their environs. For example, storm clouds might gather above the palace of an eladrin king whenever he’s moved to anger, and only when his spirits are lifted do the clouds disperse.

The most powerful of fey spirits are godlike avatars of their chosen aspect of nature. Some are noble eladrin so old and powerful that they have transcended the bounds of mortality, such as Tiandra, the Summer Queen. Few of these beings are as strong as a deity or even a demon lord, but within their own demesnes, few other entities could hope to best them.

Archfey range from kindly to malicious and from compassionate to uncaring. Most are perilous for mortals to deal with, but others find mortal heroes fascinating and sometimes favor them with gifts of power or knowledge. In general, the archfey are absorbed in their own rivalries, intrigues, and old enmities. They work at cross-purposes with each other, although the most powerful archfey govern factions of like-minded fey.


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