Zarla Swifthammer

She flings obscenities almost as well as a smith's hammer


The enwest owner of the Dragon’s Hoard, a mundane arms and armor shop in Kethzaram, is the colorful Zarla Swifthammer. Zarla took over the combined smithy and shop from her father xxxx, after his death several years ago. She shares many of her father’s useful talents including crafting fine weapons, drinking large quantities of ale and exploring the carnal pleasures of the opposite sex. The latter is all the more surprising since is almost always covered in soot and profanity seems to be her first language.

She and Berend at one time shared a casual relationship back in the day. Neither one of them continues to hcarry a flame for the other however. Berend was most likely well-intoxicated (as are most of Zarla’s partners) and doesn’t recall a single moment of the magical night. And Zarla has no intention of restricting her freedom to shame any uninhibited male…dwarf.

The young Braagund, who plays about the shop, is her bastard child from an unknown father. Berend was lead to believe the dirty child was his until Zarla eased his shock by telling him it was only a joke. No one picked up on any deception, but then Berend’s companion were much more interested in enjoying the suprise on their friend’s face to really notice.

Zarla Swifthammer

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