Being wounded never felt so good.


Level: 8

Class: Cleric (Devoted Cleric)

Role: Leader

Weapons/Implements: Holy symbol

Trained Skills: Diplomacy (12), Heal (12), Insight (16), Religion (11)

Deities: The Raven Queen

Race: Kalashtar

Languages: Common & Telepathy (5)


Strength: 10
Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 18

AC: 20
Fort: 15
Ref: 15
Will: 20

HP: 54
Surges/Day: 10
Surge Value: 14

Init: 2
Speed: 6
Passive Insight: 26
Passive Perception: 19
Vision: normal


Thiakashtia’s sister, Kakashtari, is missing.

She was on a pilgrimage to the sacred site of the battle of Garnetha Pass. Thiakashtia was to have gone on the pilgrimage but became ill so Kakashtari had taken her place. Her sister was never seen again and know one knows what happened (Thiakashtia blames herself for Kakashtari’s disappearance). The only clue that was found at a skirmish site was Kakashtari’s holy symbol and a strange medallion.

Thiakashtia has communed with the Raven Queen in her dominion over death, but Kakashtari has not passed through the gates of Letherna. Thiakashtia believes her sister is alive or her soul is trapped earthbound. Thiakashtia has had dreams of Kakashtari in great pain, physical or mental, she can not tell. Thiakashtia has made an oath to never return to her temple until Kakashtari is found.

Thiakashtia has aligned herself with a group of adventures (safety in numbers). She has not told them about her sister and she suspects that they know something is driving her, but they have not asked.

Some personality traits
She is very proud; Does not talk much; Sometimes she slips into madness; She may talk about unrelated topics something from her past or some unrelated or random thought of others…sometimes this may be telepathically.

She feels more connected to Tavar than the others because of his telepathic ability.

Thiskashtia is very attractive. She wears a dark-blue, almost black, chainmail. The Raven Queen’s symbol is displayed on her tunic and cloak.

She will not allow anyone to threaten her ability to look for her sister.

Likes: Things in order, To bewilder her enemies by telepathic means

Dislikes: The spoken word, someone getting to close to her personally.

Magic Items
Rebuking Chainmail +1, Headband of Perception, Safewing Amulet +1, Belt of Vigor, Holy Symbol +2 , Sun Globe , Diadern of Acuity

This is were Kakashtari was headed.
To visit the shrine at the battle of Garnetha Pass where 3,000 souls were sent to the Raven Queen’s domain. The sisterhood go there every year on the anniversary of the battle.


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