Princess Taerlessa

Ambassador of the Summer Court


An ambassador from the Summer Court in the Feywild, the princess has come to the World on a “mission” to Fallcrest. The summons was was a trap so Mauglurien could capture her as a sacrifice in an attempt to stabilize a portal to the Shadowfell.

She is a beautiful and elegant eladrin that seems to take her predicament in stride. Taerlessa is articulate, but reserved when she speaks and is evidently well-trained as an emissary to this world. While she appreciates the characters for saving her and the village of Nenlast, it is evident she respectfully considers herself as royalty and expects to be treated accordingly.

Taerlessa has asked the characters to escort her as far as the portal to the Feywild considering all that has happened since she arrived in the World. She would be pleased to present the adventurers to the Summer Court to honor them for their courage for their recent deeds.

Princess Taerlessa

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