Enemy number one.


Mauglurien has a traditional dwarf build: broad-shouldered and stocky and his flesh has sunken around his bones, grown cracked and leathery. His hair and beard are a midnight black; the former is tied tightly back in a tail, but he allows the beard to hang wild. His armor is as dark as his hair and etched with draconic motifs. He never goes anywhere, or even so much as crosses a room, without the brutally jagged axe Boneshredder by his side.

By all indications, Mauglurien is in the service of Orcus, The Blood Lord. Evidence suggests that he is amassing an army of undead in the name of his master to assualt Letherna in a bold attempt to overthrow the Raven Queen. This would allow Orcus to rule over the domains of winter, fate and death. If this were to happen it would have grave and far-reaching effects throughout the known worlds. Life and death would be forever changed.

Mauglurien appears to be conspiring with someone named Ghovran who is traveling to the region around Nentir Vale. He or she is planning to help the dwarf build his army of undead by slaughtering the village of Nenlast and raising the victims. Ghovran has cautioned Mauglurien to be careful as he carries out his plans so as to not attract the attention of Elder Arantham.


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