She's sweet, in a creepy, disgusting sort of way.


Lydia killed her mom. It wasn’t on purpose, but sometimes childbirth has that affect. Even she knew that simple truth when she was old enough to put thoughts together. She was a gifted child even at an early age. Her father, not so much.

Arlo Ranford was a simple man with simple needs. He had a mediocre job working at a forgetful tavern in some nowhere town. And he had a wife. He treated her poorly and didn’t think much of her until the day she died giving birth to Lydia.

Simple men need simple answers to life’s challenges and it was easy to blame Lydia. Soon he grew tired of his neighbors scowling at him for the way he treated his poor, innocent daughter, neglecting her, calling her names, who knows what else. So he packed up and left.

Simple men have always looked for easy solutions. Some gamble while others turn to booze. Arlo fancied himself a born adventurer. Not to do anything half-assed, he also took to booze. So off into the wilderness he went, dragging his daughter along with him.

Luckily for him he did. More often than not he found himself in some difficult situation, but Lydia seemed to see the bigger picture where her father didn’t. Arlo soon realized his daughter was useful after all. It certainly didn’t mean her liked her more or treated her better, but he tried a little harder to keep her alive.

Lydia tried talking her father from looting a small, crumbling tomb built into the mountains. Her advice was not appreciated when it wasn’t asked for. So Arlo grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the tomb with him. Once again, Lydia was right.

Evil, angry spirits still stirred in the tomb and even Lydia’s wits couldn’t protect them this time. Arlo’s end came quickly. But simple men sometimes have a hard time understanding the simple rules of death, so Arlo lingered around. Lydia wasn’t so lucky. The spirits fed on her fear, drawing energy from the young, scared child. It was a long, terrifying death. In the end, Lydia also refused to leave for Latherna. Somehow she knew that for once she could have power over the man who used her and abused her.

Lydia has been wandering the caves under the tomb for almost a century. Each and every day she wanders down the passageway where her dad was killed and where his spirit is bound to torment him. She taunted him and laughed at him until he became a crazed, malicious spirit. In life, she never thought he could be any more despicable. She has been rewarded in death to be sure.

Lydia has a general disdain for adventurers and assumes all are as incompetent as her father. Many adventurers have wandered into the tomb since she and her father became “residents” and all have come to a bad end. There are still a few of the luckless souls that have been added to the ranks of undead that fill the caves. And more and more undead have been arriving more regularly since Mauglurien moved in about a year ago.

Lydia is smart enough to stay away from Mauglurien and his captains as they pass through to the main chambers. She’s sure that they have the potential to make her unlife even worse than it already is or make her join their not-so-merry army. And while a part of her still desires to move on like the majority of souls, her routine of punishing her dead father (and occasional adventurers) has become her driving force. Perhaps that will change if Arlo is no longer part of her existence and she were able to find someone to convince her it was time to leave this world.

Being sly, observant and intelligent have allowed Lydia to discover a lot about Mauglurien’s operation here at the tomb. For example, Lydia is aware that the dwarven warrior is amassing an army of undead and transporting them to the Shadowfell through a portal. She knows that Mauglurien’s ultimate goal is to lead an assault on Latherna to overthrow the Raven Queen and thus allowing Orcus to take her place.

Mauglurien’s efforts have been slowed due to the fact that his portal has a glitch. A minor mistake in the initial ritual to create the doorway failed to anchor it to the Shadowfell. Instead, it randomly opens to different locations throughout this world and the other planes. Only a demanding ritual will allow him to keep it open long enough to move large numbers of his soldiers through at one time. He’s hoping that the sacrifice of a young, eladrin princess will be just the thing to complete the portal.


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