Kethryll Hawksong

Owner of the Gryphon's Bazaar in Senaliesse


Kethryll knows his trade and runs a clean business. He has one of the best stocked stores of magic and weapons this side of the Feywild. If he doesn’t have a particular item then he usually knows someone who does.

The storekeep is young, confident and personable. He tends to talk about his personal life, especially about his fiance, and other unrelated things. It comes off more as someone who isn’t concerned with protocol rather than uncomfortable or annoying.

He has recently heard about the PCs exploits and, if they should happen to come to his shop while in Senaliesse, they will get a discount (20%) on any item. He will also buy items at 1/4 the cost rather than the usual 1/5 any time they visit.

Kethryll Hawksong

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