Once upon a time there were six. It seems like such a long time ago since Jaryn fought by your side, bought you ale or saved your life. Those memories have been pushed to the back as newer, exciting events have happened. Still, he was there with you in the beginning with the same dreams of seeing the world and living adventure with a sword in hand

Jaryn was the type of guy you couldn’t help like. He had that easy-going personality and good heart that everyone admired. Sure, he had his moments. He tended to talk a lot with his hands and he often substituted emphatic gestures for the final words in a sentence. Most people listened in a visual stupor and hated to admit they had no idea what he was talking about.

Anyone who met Jaryn liked him. It seemed that strangers knew he was less educated and less cultured, but seemed to like him all the more for it. You couldn’t help but feel that there was something you were missing about this simple man that everyone else seemed to get.

Most of the fighter’s accomplishments, or anyone else’s for that matter, got credited to Kord, the god of battle. It was kind of quaint in the beginning until a personal achievement was the gift of a god you didn’t even worship. Still, you had to respect a person that that had so much faith.

He might have been pious verbally, but no one can remember a time he spent even a few moments in prayer let alone visiting a temple. It could be assumed he used his faith to fill in for his lack of self-esteem. Those who knew him well wondered if he simply didn’t understand what religion really meant. But for those who adventured with him this didn’t really matter. Jaryn was always willing to take on the hardest or most menial task. And he always had your back.

Everything changed when he met Emesha. Jaryn immediately fell in love with the beautiful cleric of Pelor. Her temple had contacted the party when one of their missionary groups who had been traveling the wilds failed to return. The missionaries were tracked down and rescued. Emesha had been among the captives and seemed to tolerate Jaryn’s attention on the long journey back tot the temple. Two people couldn’t seem to be more opposite.

When it was time for the party to move on, Jaryn shocked everyone when he said he was going to stay. You thought he was crazy, or at least more disillusioned than normal. It was only a matter of time before Emesha grew tired of your boorish friend and broke his heart.

No amount of reason or threat could change his mind however. He had finally found love. And to make things worse, he had denounced his faith in Kord and decided he would become a champion of Pelor. He was convinced he and Emesha would make a difference. You were convinced your friend had lost his mind.

It has been a few years since Jaryn fought by your side, but he has often been the subject of fireside talks or alehouse stories. A message from Emesha finally catches up to you when you return from an adventure. In it, she mentions her husband Jaryn has not returned from a mission to eliminate a growing and dangerous threat in their area. It’s been over five months since he left to deal with the cultist and should have been back by now.

She writes that the town and temple have sent a few groups out to search for clues but they also have never returned. She knows that things didn’t necessarily end on a good note, but that she doesn’t know who else to turn to for help. She begs you for your assistance and that you come to Riverfield as fast as you can.

You had looked forward to a little down time, but in the end everyone agreed that helping Emesha find Jaryn was what needed to be done. Besides, it’s exactly what Jaryn would do if he were in your boots.


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