Hag in the Feywild


Hidden deep in the dark forests of the Bramble Fens in the Feywild lives a hag by the name Grusildrith. Ages ago, she grew tired of life in Senaliesse with its petty cliques and harmful politics. Now she lives alone in her dank hut made of sticks and mud far from any civilization.

The PCs were mysteriously sent to talk with Grusildrith in their search for answers about Mauglurien, a champion of Orcus, and his ally Ghovran Akti. The fate of the dead has been thrust on the adventurers as they find themselves swept up in a plot by the disciples to kill the Raven Queen.

She also gave the characters enlightening information on their quest to find True Love. Grusildrith had been Sharaea’s nanny long ago and had pleaded with her charge to stay in Senaliesse with the Prince. She believes that the intentions of Hayne Kasar are not honorable toward Sharaea and that only bad things will happen if the two get back together.

Berend reluctantly gave up Death’s Chill, a powerful soul sword, for the vague and cryptic answers. The hag told the heroes that it was not yet time for Death’s Chill to be free and she promised the dwarf that the sword would pass back to his hands when they met again.


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