Ghovran Akti


The name Ghovran Atki first came to the character’s attention as the author of a letter to Mauglurien. The dwarf was amassing an army of undead in the name of Orcus and Ghovran came from someplace named Blackstone in the south. She was riding to the small village of Nenlast to slaughter its inhabitants and raise them for Mauglurien’s army. After foiling Mauglurien’s plans in the von Kirstner tomb, the PCs rode to Nenlast to warn the villagers of the coming attack.

The night of the attack, the adventurers approached the eladrin lich on her nightmare on the moonlit hill overlooking the village. It seemed her agents knew something of the PCs, the New Heroes of Nentir Vale, but didn’t expect them to be back in the area. She was confident that after that night they would be under her command as her undead warriors.

But Ghovran was defeated along with her Nightmare steed. The lich, however, survives and now she has first-hand knowledge of the characters’ skills. The adventurers can be sure she won’t underestimate them the next time.

Ghovran Akti

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