Felikzenurax, mercury dragon


Many generations of mortal men have passed since Felikzenurax was betrayed. Long had he been a loyal servant to the Sun Prince, finding his work varied and interesting enough to keep him satisfied. He was given ample opportunities to wander across the Feywild for his master to perform various duties and his life was good. But as Felikz matured, he had dreams like most mercury dragons to establish his own lair in the Elemental Chaos.

Felikz wanted to continue his service to the Prince in the Feywild while enjoying the energy of the the other plane. A trip to the City of Brass and a chance encounter promised everything he had hoped for and more. Karlangarak was a powerful efreet in the great city in the Elemental Chaos and he offered the young Felikz the perfect location to call his own.

A cavern, deep in the mountains of the dragon’s home world contained a permanent portal to the Elemental Chaos. Drow, fomorians and other wicked creatures from the feydark had discovered the doorway and had been raiding Karl’s territory on the other side and causing him considerable trouble. “If you take up residence in the cavern, and guard access to my plane,” the efreet offered, “then you can use the portal for as long as you live.”

Of course, Felikz had never made deals with an efreet before, so how was he to know he had been tricked. The Dragon quickly returned to the Fey Wild, located the cavern Karl had described and entered his new lair filled with elation. The dragon performed the ritual on the portal the efreet had provided that would allow him to guard passage between the planes. Only the ritual didn’t exactly do what Felikz had assumed it would. Instead of providing a mental link to the portal it bound the mercury dragon to it.

Over the centuries, Felikz has had plenty of time to think. He has thought of a million different ways he would like to seek vengeance on the efreet who tricked him. He has thought often of his old master and wonders if the Prince ever worried about him. And he has also thought that one can never ask too many questions.


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