Bram Ironfell

Wealthy dwarven merchant


Bram Ironfell is a dwarven merchant who travels the frontier earning his wealth finding the goods people need. His connections run far and wide from his many years in the trade. He can be a good source of information as well as providing direction for aspiring adventurers.

Kalad Runehouse is his trusted companion and guard as he wanders the Wilds searching for deals across the lands. Kalad shares his allegiance with Moradin as well as his master. It would be unusual to not see both in the same locale except for dire or important circumstances.

Bram’s clan once held an important mine called the Karak Lode that produced many valuable ore that has now been lost to time and events. Recent discoveries have hinted at it’s location and he has hired some adventurers to discover and secure its location. He plans to settle in Overbrook until he hears word of his clan’s mine.

He knows the father of Berend, Duke Thrigress Shieldhammer, “the left Shield” to King Krethol Ironbeard well. Bram has informed the Thigress’ health is fading and that he should visit his father soon before it is too late.

Bram Ironfell

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