Ailis Marzal

Living vessel to Ikar the lich


Ailis Marzal was a young deva when she was abducted. Taken forcefully from her home, away from her family, from her friends and everything she ever knew to be familiar and safe. She wasn’t the first, nor was she the last, of the devas that were stolen by the Order of the Hand to be used as chattel for the Cult of Thoresh liches.

Devas had proved to be exceptional Living Vessels, live phylacteries, for a wicked and corrupt group of undead bent on harvesting the virtually unlimited memories of a race reborn again and again. The necessary ritual had been perfected by Bazuul Thoresh and then passed along to his sinister cult following. The plethora of knowledge contained within each deva was, in essence, a shortcut to ultimate power.

Ailis and Tavar grew up together and studied in many of the same classes together in school. While Tavar perfected his studies and dedicated himself to his games of challenge and fantasy with his friends, Ailis silently wondered who Tavar really was. Did he notice her? Did anything exist to him besides his learning or his games? She was determined to prove that she was a worthy mate if it was the last thing she did. Poor Ailis.

Her dreams and desires were locked away long ago. While Tavar has been out galavanting about the world, and in some cases the worlds, Ailis has been stuck in her own private hell. Her actions are no longer her own. She could only the experience the basest emotions of dispair, loss and regret in her current state. Hope of a release from her current agony gnawed at her from some deep, retched corner of her psyche that she could never hope to scratch.

Free devas have been searching for centuries for any clues that may ultimately lead to the rescue of any the surviving abducted devas. The Cult of Thoresh had benefitted from the limitless resource of the devas and have thus far prevented any weakness to their secret’s security. One thing the devas knew they could rely on though; one lich would, at sometime, make a fatal mistake and reach too far.

The universal desire for ultimate power will eventually lower the defenses and open the chance for retaliation. In the right hands, or mind as the case may be, there is hope for Ailis after all. Maybe.

Ailis Marzal

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