Hayne Kasar


Hayne Kasar is very subdued in his general manner, but those who know him see the compassionate, friendly person that he is. He treats each person he’s talking to as if the are the most important person and is an attentive listener. He always compliments others actions and will graciously offer advice if it seems welcome.

He is a fierce fighter, but is more concerned with the welfare of his allies. His experience has made him a competent tactician and he’s not afraid to take charge on the battlefield.

Companions discover he is a trustworthy person to talk to and can often see the bigger picture. He talks openly about his past, confident in his choices and his surety that honesty opens more doors than presents problems.

During quite moments he often hums the same tune over and over, a song his love used to sing. and while he knows the words, he is quite aware he can’t carry a tune. He often has a slender twig he has whittled in his mouth or at least a blade of grass.

He is searching for his true-love now that he has been “reborn” He hopes once he finds her they can continue their life together free of the jealousy of her former betrothed, the Summer Prince of the Summer Fey. He is not yet aware that he is now the Prince of Frost.


Hayne meets the Pcs on their way to search for Karavakos in the Winterbole Forest. He stays the night with them telling stories, asking questions and humming to himself.

He tells them of his story, how he fell in love with a beautiful woman (eladrin) of the Feywild and of their history together. He admits that she was betrothed to another, the Prince of Summer, and how he grew jealous. The Raven Queen consented to make them disappear from their time and they would be reborn, hopefully after the Prince cooled down.

Obviously he has been reborn (right?), but she was not with him when he awoke. He has been searching for her for nearly a year now. He is headed north because he has heard rumors of a woman that might be a person of interest.

He informs the PCs that he will most likely be gone by the time they rise in the morning. He wishes them well and to tell Sharaea that he is searching for her and looks forward to the day they can be together once more.

Hayne Kasar

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