Everyone has a role to play in life. Some people are born to rule as others are meant to serve. There are those who live in splendor while many more die hungry, diseased or unlucky in some dark alley with only rags on their bones. Farmers, generals, thieves, clergy and prostitutes all scheme, suffer, strive and struggle through life as they wish and want for something more…something better. Then, there are the few who are destined to really make a difference in the world. Only the Brave and Foolhardy heroes will be remembered throughout time in song and legend.

This is a campaign that follows the lives of a handful of such heroes; Berend, the dwarf Knight, Heskan, a dragonborn warlord, Travok, an outcast dwarf from High Gate, Tavar, the deva psion and Thia, a kalashtar cleric devoted to the Raven Queen. The lives of these Paragon heroes have intersected, coincidentally or by fate, at a time of the Worlds’ greatest need.

Forces of evil are competing and conspiring to undo the very fabric of existence. The threats lurking in the shadows are no longer in the alleys of some insignificant town. Nor do they plot in the dark, sinister wood in the wilderness. These villains scheme and dare to wreak havoc across the planes.

Creatures of the Far Realm have mysteriously surged into the World just as the heroes struggle to prevent the dire designs of Orcus to overthrow the Raven Queen. Meanwhile, the heroes endeavor to unite two lovers of the past, born again in the present, before agents of the Winter Fey can intervene. The answers might be close to home, but more likely, the heroes will have to journey to the Feywild, Shadowfell, the Astral Sea, Elemental Chaos and even the Nine Hells before they can hope to save “mankind”.

Only heroes that are brave and foolhardy can possibly put the World to right. The last defenders of the weak, the warriors of the righteous and possibly the gods chosen champions are called upon to become legendary or die trying.

Brave & Foolhardy

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